Veterinary Services

Species Served

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Rabbits

  • Pocket Pets

Client Services

  • Pet Supplies

  • Micro-chipping


Medical Services Provided

  • Surgery

  • X-ray

  • Annual Wellness Care

  • Lab Diagnostics

  • Dentistry

  • Hospitalization

  • In-House Pharmacy

  • Prescription Diets

  • Senior Wellness

  • Cold Laser

A vast array of surgical services are provided at Lake Dow Animal Hospital. These services include routine spaying and neutering, dental procedures, emergency and critical cases, mass removals, soft tissue repairs, orthopedics as well as many others.

We make every effort to make your surgical experience as safe and easy as possible. Our surgical protocols are very similar to those in the human field. We use a “sterile” surgical suite and all materials used are sterilized using proper technique. We use only the highest quality equipment as well as a highly trained staff.

Upon arrival for surgical procedures, your pet will be admitted by a highly trained and qualified technician. Also, a complete explanation of your pet’s procedure will be given to you and any questions you have will be addressed. The same technician will accompany your pet throughout theentire procedure assuring that your pet receives consistent and compassionate care.

The risk of anesthesia can never be completely eliminated. At Lake Dow Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves in our ability to perform numerous procedures with a very high success rate. We accomplish this by recommending blood chemistries prior to surgery. Patients will also be given a complete physical exam by Dr. Craig before the surgical procedure. The use of IV catheters and administration of fluids can be provided for optimal care. Throughout the entire process of induction, surgery, and recovery, your pet’s personal technician will be monitoring your pet’s progress. The use of a highly advanced respiratory and heart monitoring machine similar to those used in human hospitals helps to ensure the safety of your pet.

At Lake Dow Animal Hospital it is our philosophy that every patient should be as pain free as possible. Pre-operative as well as Post-operative pain medication is provided in every surgical case.